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We see creativity as a crucial part of learning at St Columba's School


Creativity isn't the sole dominion of artists and geniuses.  It shouldn't be confined to certain subjects in the curriculum, creativity in science is different to creativity in drama but is valuable to both.  Creativity is enhanced through subject knowledge.  We want children to be given the chance to deepen their subject understanding and build on this through creativity.  An enriching experience for teachers and students alike.




  • Means solving problems
  • Means using something deep within yourself to form ideas in your own way
  • Is about creating


Creativity belongs everywhere, not just in childhood games and extra-curricular activity.  It involves all of your senses and creates new knowledge that didn't exist before.  Students of all ages need to learn by creating - it helps to synthesize information and bring joy and meaning into their educational experience.


"I created my own bread in D.T.. It was amazing and tasted better than any bread I had ever tried.  I put my own special ingredients in it and made it like my Nanna from Italy." (Year 5 pupil)


"I created my own dance sequence in P.E., I liked my moves to making a cake as I also love baking.  The dance sequence belonged to me."



Click on the link below to go to the online learning book for Expressive Arts in EYFS