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Fit for Mission

St Columba’s Catholic Primary School:


 Fit for Mission


“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (Jn 10:10)


Our aim in terms of Fit for Mission is to ensure that our children become ‘Fit for Mission’.


They need to be supported by our school to become the future of the Church. This means they need to be given the skills to do God’s work in their future life and given opportunities to experience the presence of Jesus so that they are spiritually developed and hold Jesus in their hearts. (It is when Jesus is the hearts of our children that they will have the strength to do God’s work).


 We believe that each pillar needs to be seen and felt so that children, parents, staff and parish have the opportunity to meet with Jesus.


It needs to be encouraged and experienced in the heart, mind, body and soul of all people.


Fit for Mission needs to permeate the life of our school so that the Gospel Values are clearly present.


This needs to happen in the WHOLE SCHOOL LIFE: The RE Curriculum and the whole curriculum, the Sacraments, the spiritual life and the way we reach out to others


Each RE attainment target needs to fulfil the bigger picture so that Fit for Mission is :


AT1i) Is not only about telling the stories of Jesus but telling them to a wider community who might feel an impact in their life


Children might teach others about a story of Jesus or use the message in their planned Liturgy.


The Children’s Improvement Team: Catholic Ethos Group will promote what our school is about


AT1ii) Children may lead tours of the Church to educate others and the community


Children may prepare sacrament leaflets for parents and community to share and explain what it means and what happens


AT1iii) Children might produce information for our website about what we do in our Catholic and why we do it.


Educate others


AT2i) Children organising discussion sessions for parents surrounding various issues


AT2ii) Children may organise a Bible club where they ask questions and discuss messages


FIT FOR MISSION needs to be lived by all and each classroom and the whole life of the school should clearly reflect this message.


“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8)


(This task is not easy and we need to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and support us all)