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In Year 5 we work hard but we also have lots of fun.

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Year 5's - Guide of how to say the Rosary with your Family

When you're starting you need to hold your Rosary beads by the cross because that's where you need to start.

At the first bead say one Our Father. For each of the next three beads say one Hail Mary for each bead. Before you move onto the Fourth bead say the Glory Be once (say this on the chain, or string in between beads). Then you are onto the main necklace part of the Rosary. You now have a run of 10 beads, this is called a decade.


For each bead say one Hail Mary (that's 10 altogether). After the last Hail Mary say one Glory Be before you go onto the next bead where you will say the Our Father once. You're then onto the next run of 10 beads, say another 10 Hail Mary's (That's another 10). After this you will need to repeat the Glory Be another 4 times after each of the next run of 10 beads (a further 10 Hail Mary's for each run).