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We aim to develop children’s understanding and enjoyment of music through a range of musical experiences.  Children are given an opportunity to appreciate music from different times and places and to perform and sing with others.  Musical activities enhance other curriculum areas, eg: Historical Studies, RE.


We aim to prepare children for life in the world:


  • by teaching them to listen with concentration and respond to what they hear

  • to acquire the skills to express themselves with confidence

  • to make thoughtful judgments and aesthetic and practical decisions

  • to give them a sense of identity and togetherness

  • encourage children to be confident, independent/creative.Children are encouraged to share their musical gifts with the parish and local community.Music is also used to help children to relax and be prayerful.  Children have the opportunity to learn to play the guitar and the recorder.  In addition we also provide brass and violin tuition.
    Children in Key Stage 2 are invited to sing in the school choir: they sing at many school events and celebrations.