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At St Columba's School we promote the above skills to support children in their personal development and learning journey.


In regular day to day life, the development of life skills encourages children to:

  1. Take responsibility for what they do
  2. Build confidence both in speaking skills, for group collaboration & cooperation with joint effort and participation
  3. Analyse various alternatives, make decisions and understand why they make certain specific decisions outside the classroom
  4. Develop a greater sense of self-awareness, feeling of mindfulness and an appreciation for other people
  5. The capacity to self-manage, tackle issues while understanding individual responsibilities
  6. Readiness and flexibility to various jobs in adaptable workplaces
  7. Help them develop self-confidence & higher self-esteem
  8. Give them a voice in their group, community, society & at school 
  9. Enable them to make a positive contribution by developing experience & expertise within them
  10. Prepare them for upcoming challenges, difficult situations as well as opportunities in their life.

We encourage these skills in all of our curriculum subject areas.


In addition to the above skills, each curriculum subject area has skills that are unique.


Throwing and catching in P.E. is one example.  Children need to be taught how to throw and catch in order to develop their skills.  The need success criteria and tips to help them improve.


The teaching of skills is crucial to support development, confidence and progress.


Year Six Skills Topic - Enterprise 2022